#Family characters These are the characters in my genalogy that have grabbed my attention. ### [Colonel Robert Bole Morrow (1836-1919)](/rbmorrow/rbmorrow.html) Irish born career military man in the Imperial Service, Robert started out in the HMS 46th (South Devonshire Regiment of Foot) but was frustrated by junior officers effectively purchasing commissions over him. He went into the Indian Service, developed a reputation as a crack shot and earned the affection of local Indians by shooting a tiger that had eaten over 70 people. Later in life he retired to New Zealand where his parents and many of his siblings had migrated. Click the title above to learn more. ### [Colonel Arthur Morrow (1842-1937)](/colamorrow/colamorrow.html) Irish born and younger brother to Robert Bole Morrow, Arthur prepared for military life by reading successfully for the Royal Marine Artillery but on account of being slightly too old, failed to receive a commission. He migrated to New Zealand and fought in the Land Wars / Maori Wars. He was a champion shot, winning titles up and down the county. He was a military artist who married well to Mariamne Harris Buckland (1855-1957), becoming well known figures in Auckland. ### [Captain Andrew Dougall Blair (1872-1955)](/adblair/adblair.html) Dunedin born to Scottish migrants, Andrew went to sea, eventually captaining commerical sail and steam ships in the middle east for Clan Line. He assited the Ottomon Empire with an internal rebellion and againt the Italians during the Otto-Italian War and was awarded the Order of Medjidie. When WWI broke out he joined the Royal Naval Reserve, mine sweeping until the Easter Rising (April 1916), where his actions bought him to the attention of Special Service. He then prepared and commanded Q-ship 17 with the soon to be famous W.E. Sanders as his junior officer. Together they encountered three U-boats while becalmed at sea. He was part of the British Occuption of the Rhine and following the war, returned to commercial work in the Middle East. ### [Arthur Nelson Morrow (1888-1945)](/anmorrow/anmorrow.html) Private A.N Morrow (12/181) was a Gallipoli Campaign veteran. He was wounded there but returned for a second stint. He died in 1945 after enlisting in New Zealand and serving at Papakura. The family described him as somewhat odd after the First World War. Click the title above to read more about his experiences. ### [Frank Gordon Morrow (1892-1969)](/fgmorrow/fgmorrow.html) Private F.G. Morrow (12/776) was a Gallipoli Campaign veteran as well. He was also wounded and retuened to New Zealand July that same year. His wound precluded him returning to the war. He married in middle age but left no children. Click the title above to read more about his experiences. ### [Yvonne Morrow (1915-1999)](/ymorrow/ymorrow.html) Yvonne was an independent capable woman who lived most of her life in Hamilton. She had a secret engagement to Jock McGruther who was killed in action in Italy, 1944. Click the title above to read more. ### [Robert Samuel Laurie (1921-2004)](/rslaurie/rslaurie.html) Bob Laurie was that stern disapproving "Grandpa" who sent letters back covered in spelling corrections and who enjoyed tinkering with things in his garage. My fondest memory was him making a kite with me from light wooded rods and brown paper. Read aspects of his life by clicking the title above. ---- Archived October 10, 2016: [https://perma.cc/28H8-KAAG](https://perma.cc/28H8-KAAG)